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When a patient needs to have a procedure either a routine procedure like spay or neuter or an orthopedic procedure, we will give your pet “the nose to tail tune-up”, which includes pre-anesthetic blood work, xrays and whatever diagnostics your pet may need.

For your pets' procedure we use monitoring instruments, and will be continually monitored by a Licensed Veterinary Technician. This includes EKG, blood pressure, temperature. Every patient has IV therapy during procedure and pain management protocols, for each patient depending on age and individual needs.

We also offer Cryosurgery to patients that qualify.
This procedure is painless, does not require sedation or a hospital stay. It can remove small growths from the skin, help bleeding growths heal and in some cases help them shrink.  

Dr. Gonzalez | Surgeon

Surgery services we provide:

  • General Surgery
  • Spaying/Neutering